Call to undefined function form() ?

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Call to undefined function form() ?

Postby justlukeyou » Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:12 am


I have the following code however the form('reset-password', part creates an error. Call to undefined function form()

I have looked up was this error is and the only suggestions I can find is that it is returned due to a spelling error. However I cant see any spelling errors. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this please?

Code: Select all

/// URL is defined as the root of the URL used in the email, in this example it would be ""
    URL . "resetpassword.php?page=reset-password" . urlencode($userid) . "&key=" . urlencode($key) . "\r\n" .
    "\r\n" .
    "Kind regards,\r\n" .
    "\r\n" .
    "The Web Site"

// form, input_hidden, table, tr, td, label, input_password and input_submit are my own wrappers which return the appropriate HTML with escaped values where required.
    input_hidden('userid', $_GET['userid']) .
    input_hidden('key', $_GET['key']) .
        td(label('New Password')) .
        td(input_password('new_password', ''))
      ) .
        td(label('Confirm Password')) .
        td(input_password('confirm_password', ''))
    ) .
    input_submit('ok', 'OK')

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