simple formmailer - where is my mistake?

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Thu Aug 15, 2002 8:47 am

The else-message won't appear even when the email-field is empty.

<form action="<?php echo $PHP_SELF; ?>" method="post">
Bitte geben Sie Ihren Namen ein: <input type="text" name="Mail"><br><br>
Ihre Nachricht<br>
<textarea name="botschaft" cols="50" rows="5" wrap="soft">
<input type="submit" value="Mail abschicken">
if (isset($Mail) && $Mail != "") {
if (mail("", "Antwort auf Ihre Anfrage!", "$botschaft", "From: $Mail")) {
echo "<p>Danke! Ihre Nachricht wurde weitergeleitet!</p>\n";
else {
echo "<p>Leider gab es einen Sendefehler!</p>\n";

miss marple

Fri Aug 16, 2002 2:22 am

The way you've written it the else message will appear if the mail function fails!

It's obviously not failing!

And since we have a forum for this where answer have already been posted, I will close this duplicate thread.