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Form data reposting

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Form data reposting

Postby ericaustin » Wed Feb 05, 2003 3:35 pm

I am having a problem with form data being wiped out when a page reloads itself. Below is a sample script as a trivial example. There is a checkbox named "true" and a text box named "saveme". If "true" is checked, the input is valid and all is great. If "true" is not checked, inform the user of the problem and allow them to alter and resubmit the form. My issue is that the text box named "saveme" is wiped clean when the script calls itself. I have a form with about 35 inputs on it. If there is just one error, the user must re-enter all 35 inputs. How can inform the user of the input validation error and repost the form for editing with all previously entered data in place?


Code: Select all
if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) {
  if (isset($_SESSION['msg'])) {
    print $_SESSION['msg'];
  <form method=POST action=<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>>
    True? <input name=true type=checkbox value=true />
    <input name=saveme type=text>
    <input type=submit name=submit value=Submit />
else {
  if ($_POST['true'] == 'true') {
    print "Success!";
  else {
    $_SESSION['msg'] = "Must Check True";
    header("Location: test.php");
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New php-forum User
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Postby Redcircle » Wed Feb 05, 2003 4:39 pm

you have to add values to the input tags

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<input type="text" name="form_field" value="<?php if(isset($_POST['form_field'])) echo $_POST['form_field']; ?>">

that way if they did not do something required it will put all the information back into the form.
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