how do you get a value from a text box in another frame?

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Mon Jan 27, 2003 4:18 pm

using PHP, how do you get a value of a text box from another frame in the current browser. I know how to do it using javascript but i want to know how to do it with php.

Or tell me another way to do this, this is the problem i have, i have a top frame a menuframe and a mainframe, the mainframe is the frame that changes on page changes and the menuframe and topframs stay the same. If someone opens a php page that is intended for the mainframe in their browser as the main and only frame, i want to be able to know this and divert them to the index of my site so they can open that page within the other frames and not allow them to only open that page up with out having the other 2 frames present in the browser as well. I figured haveing a text box in the menuframe and if the mainframe php page opens up and the text box returns a null value then the menuframe doesnt exist and it diverts them to the site indexpage. How do i do this?
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