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again problem with sending email

the mail() function

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again problem with sending email

Postby saqqa » Tue Jul 11, 2006 5:27 pm

hi every one :help:
this my first topic here..... thanks for all on advance

well, im brand new with PHP

im using apache server at my pc with php5
and i have a web hosting thats supports PHP and i test my website life over the internet.

my problem is i send mail thats never arrive to the distination however, no error msg appears
,i used many code ,,,, all the same sad ending :(

here is sample ...... can any body tell me what 2 do plz!

Code: Select all
$to = "";

$re = "Feedbackfromcontactpage";

$msg = $comments;



thank you all and im happy to be here today friends.:)
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New php-forum User
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