Olympic Park

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Olympic Park

Postby wanglin200 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:21 pm

Olympic Park is located north of the North Fourth Ring Road. Specific range, north to the south bank of Qinghe, south to North Fourth Ring Road, east Anli Road, North Star Road, west of Forest Hill Road and North Star Road. Forest Park covers an area of ??680 hectares, the National Sports Center covers an area of ??405 hectares, the two together 1,085 hectares, in the administrative division attributable to the large Zhunxiang Chaoyang District, Beijing and Wali village.
Beijing Olympic Park is the heart of the 2008 Olympic Games, to accommodate 44% of the Olympic competition venues and the vast majority of facilities services for the Olympic Games, the venues and facilities include:
Venues: A total of 10, 15 projects can be competition. 4 of which are located in the Exhibition Area venues.
Olympic Village: An area of ??80 hectares, construction area of ??about 47 million square meters (360,000 square meters apartment, the other 11 million square meters),escort shanghai, for 16,000 athletes, coaches and their entourage lived close to the main competition venues. Olympic Village is divided into residential areas and the international area, beautiful environment, comfortable and convenient, quiet and safe.
Reporter Village: an area of ??30 hectares, construction area of ??about 40 million square meters, a reporter inside the stadium to reach the park, less than 6 minutes.
National Stadium (Bird's Nest): Beijing Olympic National Stadium is located in the south central area of ??the park for the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 the main stadium. Venue seating about 91,shanghai massage,000 spectators.
National Aquatics Center (Water Cube): crystal clear National Swimming Center "Water Cube " in Beijing Olympic Games, one of landmark buildings, fantastic square "bubble"effect map to the people left a deep impression.
Sinking Garden: located in the central area of ??the Olympic Park, sinking 9 meters underground gardens, and its sides are large shopping malls and subway entrances, room for up to 700 meters from the 7 yard in series.
Olympic Forest Park: The Olympic Forest Park in the north-south axis running through the northern end of Beijing, located in Olympic Park North, is currently in the planning and construction of Beijing, the largest city park.
Top Goddess Temple North: North Top niangniangmiao Ming Dynasty, Beijing is the famous "five eight-temple " in one of five; in Beijing in the north end of the axis of the north extension of the line, the northern end of Beijing's landmark building.
Museum of Science and Technology of China: national 4A level scenic spots, national patriotism education bases, national youth science education base, is a national comprehensive Science and Technology Museum.
For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit great wall tours for details.
For taking tours of Beijing and China, please check great wall tour for details.

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