I want an email filter to redirect to Email Provider Page

the mail() function

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Hello SiAmStat.
If i understand correctly you are about:

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if (!filter_var($email,FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) die('You Mail Address is not correct!');

if (isset($useremail) && !empty($useremail) && substr_count($useremail,'@')==1 && substr($useremail,0,1) !='@')
echo 'Your mail Addr is: ' . str_repeat('*',$position) .substr($useremail,$position) . "<br>" .
' And Depending on your mail address you will be redirected to : ' . substr($useremail,$position+1,strlen($useremail));


die('Input is not valid!');

Or how can i forward email to URL inside my webpage , this could help me with another ideea i have, again this would have to be filtered @yahoo.com , @hotmail.com etc , to be forwarded to a local URL inside the site depending on what Email Provider they enter .
This will be suspic .In ex: It will look like to Phishing attack.

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