Need help in checkbox

the mail() function

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Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:21 pm

It looks like your trying to set them in a array() and I'm not sure about that
//the html file

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<label for="website">Country</label>
<input name="c1" type="checkbox" value="India" />India
<input name="c2" type="checkbox" value="Australia" />Australia
<input name="c3" type="checkbox" value="UK" />UK
//the php code.

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$choices = array();

// Your using post to get the values

if(isset($_POST['c1'])) {
$choices[0] = $_POST['c1'];
} else if (isset($_POST['c2'])) {
$choices[1] = $_POST['c2'];
} else if (isset($_POST['c2'])) {
$choices[2] = $_POST['c3'];

foreach (choice as choices) {
echo 'Your choices are ' . choice;
Try that

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