Broken Email Message Format on Webmail Clients

the mail() function

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Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:48 pm

Good day guys,

I got an email message that is sent to a user whenever they register to my site, all is well to known email providers like
yahoo, gmail, aol or outlook but when the message is viewed on a webmail client, its broken. Any ideas?

this is how I format the email

Code: Select all

$body = '<div style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">';
$body .= '<h2>Thank You For Registering</h2><br/>';
$body .= '<p style="font-size:12px;">';
$body .= 'Below is Your Account Login Credentials<br/><br/>';
$body .= '<b>Username = '.htmlentities($_POST['1_username']).'</b><br/>';
$body .= '<b>Password = '.htmlentities($_POST['1_password']).'</b><br/><br/>';
$body .= 'Please Take Note of Your Account Credentials<br/><br/><br/>';
$body .= 'Thank you and God Speed!<br/>';
$body .= '</p>';
$body .= '</div>';
hope you can help me with this

Thank you in advance

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