Preset coordinates on an image into clickable gameprops?

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Preset coordinates on an image into clickable gameprops?

Postby keffertjuh » Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:32 am

Yeah the title didn't fit so it might be a little hazy just by that one...

Now...For my informatics class we decided to make a simple game where you find countries on a map by clicking them when asked for...
Sort of like this one here: (which is in Dutch and in Flash but just so you get the picture)
So...our problem:
We've used an online image map editor to generate coordinates for the countries we'd like to be asking to be clicked on (
and now we're stuck on how to actually make that happen (yeah, kind of stupid to begin with :D ), so my question would be, how would I make it that a certain area marked by the coordinates extracted from this certain source (which just marks certain areas on an image by code) to be useable in a game as clickables?

Oh and here's an example code which I used with the image below as background;
<map id="imgmap2010210112555" name="imgmap2010210112555"><area shape="poly" alt="United States" title="" coords="193,144,166,174,180,215,251,245,329,236,396,166,388,149,337,173,297,139" href="United States" target="" /><!-- Created by Online Image Map Editor ( --></map>

Hope you guys can help out :help:

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