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Need help with rockettheme grunge...

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Need help with rockettheme grunge...

Postby Trazaman » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:12 pm

hi all, I really hope u can solve my problem cuz I'm going to be mad...I think is very simple and I'm just noobish...

I'm working on a forum ( and I'm using the rockettheme template "grunge" and I have 2 issues...

I need to resize the header so I found the line with firebug...

when I change the width in firebug it works...but when I search the line on the css files of the template I really can't find where is this string...

Second problem is I need to move the logo a little bit on the left...same problem here

can't find the string to move the stupid logo...

plz help me I'm going to be mad..ty :help: :help:
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New php-forum User
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