Image generator with text variables (Help)

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Image generator with text variables (Help)

Postby shadowrider50 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:46 am

I am trying to make an image generator using php gd. To be more precise, a trophy card generator with all your stats and info from Playstation Network on it. You can see a sample of the stats by going to and checking the first 3 boxes and entering Shadowrider50 in the psn id form.
These stats are pulled directly from sony's servers and stored in variables.

I'm wondering, how could i get these stats put onto an image automatically?

i would like the image to be generated using a preset background with the stats listed on it and the result automatically uploaded to my website(server) for anyone to use.
Also, one last thing i would like help with, could you introduce me to cron job so the image automatically get's updated with new stats every 24 hours? The stats that are produced change frequently so that is why i need updates every 24 hours.

To explain better, i want an auto updated gamercard generator like or

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