image spoils page, need max size

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image spoils page, need max size

Postby meowski » Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:45 am


I wonder if there is a quick fix to an existing page, so user doesn't have to reduce size of an image manually before uploading. Big images totally wrecks the page, and I would really like to just put in some code to set the max size. I don't really know much about php, but promised a friend to try to find a simple solution.

Code is like this today:

Code: Select all

/* Display all news */

// Retrieve all published 'news' articles. */
$articles = article::search("news", "", 99, TRUE); // category, keyword, limit, published

// Print each article.
foreach($articles AS $article_id) {
   $art = new article($article_id);
   // Get all pictures
   $media_ids = $art->get_media();
   $cover = new media($media_ids[0]);
   // Get all links
   $links_ids = $art->get_links(); ?>

   <h2><?= $art->get("heading"); ?></h2>
   <img class="inlineright" src="<?= URL_UPLOAD . $cover->get("file_name"); ?>" alt="" title="" align="right">
   <?= $art->get("text"); ?>
   <br />
   <? foreach($links_ids AS $link_id) {
      $link = new link($link_id); ?>
         <br /><a target="<?=$link->get("target");?>" href="<?=$link->get("url");?>" title="<?=$link->get("description");?>"><?=$link->get("text");?></a>
   <? } ?>

EDIT: Sorry, I mean of course MAX WIDTH!

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