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Postby rajin90 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:31 am

i am trying my hands on ONLINE MANGA VIEWER . i really liked it gallery feature . i want to add it as my wallpapers image manager/viewer . but problem is that it has only FTP upload feature
so how come i make FLASH UPLOADER for the gallery and also i want to add info about AUTHOR/date/style

1 another problem . i want to make a description page
example ; wallpapers of kristen stewart but in different dimensions . 1024,1600,1920,2500 pixels
thing is DIRECTOY IS KRISTEN> under this directory there are other sub directories(folders) pixels in those folders images are stored which clearly are of different sizes .

i just want that when someone click on KRISTEN STEWART OR SEARCH KRISTEN STEWART ON THE SITE
a page should open which describe a bit info about KRISTEN and then below different different folder set
so a visitors could chose which size sorta wallpapers he/she wants .

lets say i make another directory named DESCRIPTION PAGE > under this directory i create description pages of the same name KRISTEN STEWART i want to connect both . but how ?

i made simple problem more complicated puzzle . if anyone can help . then help me out .

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