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No image displayed on local website -Kohana php framework

Postby henry14 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:12 am

I have a live website is vplussup. Because i wanna do the testing local web before uploading image to the real website, i use Xampp to do this. After setting up developing environment, i run the local website and everything is ok except the image. It is not displayed on local website.
Here is my problem
This is my live website
The view source code of live website
<div class="product_image_div">
<img src="">
</div><div class="brand_name">&nbsp;</div><div class="product_name">Casserole Chuck Steak</div><br>

And the view source code of local website
<div class="product_listing" id="product1256"><div id="product_details1256">
<img src="http://localhost/vplussup/public_html/media/images/main/no_image.jpg
"><div class="brand_name">&nbsp;</div><div class="product_name">Casserole Chuck Steak</div><b>
Please help me, this is my project :(. Thank you very much!

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