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php exec command OutOfMemory when call convert

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php exec command OutOfMemory when call convert

Postby ccristi77 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:21 pm

I have this img ... y=CI6I09MM

When calling via php
exec("convert a.jpg -resize 420x420 b.jpg") is not working. Is crashing with OutOfMemory
Can I use another call to avoid OutOfMemory ?

When calling from command bellow line is working ok.
convert a.jpg -resize 420x420 b.jpg

If I call from php
exec("convert a1.jpg -resize 420x420 b.jpg") and a1 is generated from command line with
convert a.jpg a1.jpg is working ok.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this image and also if there is a workaround for bellow issue to have same result with php ?

Thank You
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New php-forum User
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