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Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:56 am

I'm working off previously created php coding, and am trying to figure out how to change a text link to an image. The code uses the link function, so I can't figure how what variable I can put in to get the image to show properly. The function of the button is a next/previous link for a catalog of products. Here's the current code:

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<?php echo $this->Html->link('<< Previous Product',array('controller'=>'products','action'=>'view', $product['Product']['id']-1)); ?>
<?php echo $this->Html->link('Next Product >>',array('controller'=>'products','action'=>'view', $product['Product']['id']+1)); ?>
I tried declaring a variable $prevbtn equal to <img src="http..."> and replacing the current '<< Previous Product' with that $prevbtn but that just displays the html src code.

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