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Thu Sep 23, 2004 3:04 am

Hi all,

1) I've created a TESTIMONIAL page for the customers. so after filling up the details, the customers will submit the info and it wll be directed and insterted into the phpMyadmin table. However, the problem is taht, the value inserted is to the wrong column. Why will this happen?

2) Then, There is one column where we can view the comments given by the customer but it was cut off half way. Then i found out that it was becuae the variable type is VARCHAR 255, then i changed it to TEXT and BLOB..but nothing can help. Why is it so too?

Hope someone will guide me wiht this new application on hand. Thanks alot.

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Swee :-?

Ps. Below is the Code for the Testimonial.

Code: Select all

   $query="SELECT * from Customer WHERE CustEmail='".$_POST['email']."';";
      $query="INSERT INTO Customer(eid,CustName,CustCountry,CustTailor,CustEmail,regDate,Custrecomm,Custcomment)

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