Global Textile Network Photos hypertrophy winter f

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Global Textile Network Photos hypertrophy winter f

Postby iqhla368 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:22 pm

Magic one loose also slimming.
long shirt 699 yuan FCUK / color bar tights personal items
loose sense of clothes can well cover slightly rounded waist line, of course,visor beanies, the whole body is relaxed give people feeling enough spirit, so we need appropriate tightening of the thigh section.
with tips: loose sense of the dress's length to reach above the knee is better, if they think that not enough skinny leg type,newsboy caps, can be used with dark socks and boots.
magic II to enhance the visual center of gravity
Chidori extra sets of 890 yuan NOTA 590 yuan / strap dress NOTA / linen garments and personal items
relaxed and ultra-short
cape-style jacket is very popular in the fall and winter of this year, it's advantage to be able to enhance the line of sight to the chest, with a thin section of the costume, serve to adjust the proportion of body visual effects was thin.
with tips: more lenient cuffs and hem short coat,wide brim straw hat, sweater and downloading for Slim effects, such as this tight strap dress. Black can shrink the hip line.
Magic 3 Mini

Lacoste / vests 1190 yuan Lacoste / trousers long-sleeved T is not new pricing 349 yuan Etam / hat Lacoste
not new pricing
Mini shorts is yet another brilliant idea was thin, lengthen the leg line, can make people look tall and straight.
with tips: wearing shorts to pay attention to avoid leg problems, to select black stockings with high boots to make the legs look more slender.
magic weapon four clean lines, slimming effect
jacket / skirt / scarf / is not new pricing NOTA
more complex decorative
, the more people think
with tips: clean lines of clothing should choose the right accessories to break the rigid sense,
above the knee is better, if they think enough skinny leg type, with dark socks and boots.
a magic weapon shortcoming cocoon dresses
purple cloak 490 NOTA / dress 790 yuan NOTA
lantern type radian
cocoon-type skirt, a good
with tips: circular skirt profile best worn with shorts, not suitable jacket length reaches the hips, otherwise it will look wider oh.
magic weapon six upgrade X profile
black coat 749 yuan Etam
tighten the waist line, so that the body showed the silhouette of the If you want to look not only slim figure, but more SEXY, regarding the use of ultrashort elements, bare legs would make sense of the curve instantly upgrade.
with tips: black coat is the standard pattern of X-profile match with a black patent leather belt and colored stockings to enhance the modern feel.

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