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PDOException when upgrading from 6.28 to 7.22

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PDOException when upgrading from 6.28 to 7.22

Postby khli7 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:07 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have also come cross this problem when I upgrade the verison from 6.28 to 7.22.

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'mattscom_sales.system' doesn't exist: SELECT name, schema_version FROM {system} WHERE type = :type; Array ( [:type] => module ) in drupal_get_installed_schema_version() (line 155 of /home/mattscom/public_html/includes/

I have completely read and understand for upgrading your Drupal installation, including Upgrading your Drupal installation and Upgrading Between Versions and also I have backed Up my existing Site in Cpanel and generated a full backup for my webpage in the Cpanel from

Then should I need to start working on the first link in Support Resources

• Drupal core issue queue (, set component="database update system" and select a version. Current 7.x active issues: ... =1&version%5.... See also from the Support Resources step by step carefully.

It would be much appreciated if you can teach me how to solve the problem.

My homepage is

Thanks very much,
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