bug in php 3.2.3?

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bug in php 3.2.3?

Postby ujohnc00 » Wed Oct 09, 2002 3:52 pm

I installed php, mySQL, and phpMyAdmin, but when I try to create a table in phpMyAdmin, I get the following error:
"You have an error in your SQL syntax near..."
I know the syntax is correct and it worked with php 3.2.2, but now it doesn't. I read somewhere that I should compile php without the following argument:

Can I change this in my php.ini?
I am on Win2K.


Postby DoppyNL » Wed Oct 09, 2002 11:37 pm

"You have an error in your SQL syntax near..."

allthough you say there is no error in you're query, there is!!! otherwise it wouldn't be saying that. It is probably has something to do with quotes.
Printout the query on you're page so you know exactly what php is executing, then "fix" the problem.

Greetz Daan


Postby Jay » Thu Oct 10, 2002 1:26 am

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