why my bootstrap cards R showing in single column when I am trying to show 3 column?

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Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:35 pm

I am new to PHP- Mysql and bootstrap. I am trying to display records using bootstrap 4.1 cards class. I am trying to show 3 cards in each row but it shows only in one column. I have searched for my error but could not detect. Can anyone help me on this please? connection to database is working fine and I have tried both PDO and mysqli method.
here is the code for the container. and thank you for your special time spending for me.

Code: Select all

<div class="container">
      <div class="row" style="margin-top: 4%">

        <!--  Entries Column -->
        <div class="col-md-8">
          <!-- data Post -->
     if (isset($_GET['pageno'])) {
            $pageno = $_GET['pageno'];
        } else {
            $pageno = 1;
        $no_of_records_per_page = 8;
        $offset = ($pageno-1) * $no_of_records_per_page;

        $total_pages_sql = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tblposts";
        $result = mysqli_query($con,$total_pages_sql);
        $total_rows = mysqli_fetch_array($result)[0];
        $total_pages = ceil($total_rows / $no_of_records_per_page);

		$stmt = $DB_con->prepare("select tblposts.id as pid,tblposts.PostTitle as posttitle,tblposts.PostImage,tblcategory.CategoryName as category,tblcategory.id as cid,tblsubcategory.Subcategory as subcategory,tblposts.PostDetails as postdetails,tblposts.PostingDate as postingdate,tblposts.PostUrl as url from tblposts left join tblcategory on tblcategory.id=tblposts.CategoryId left join  tblsubcategory on  tblsubcategory.SubCategoryId=tblposts.SubCategoryId where tblposts.Is_Active=1 order by tblposts.id desc  LIMIT {$offset}, {$no_of_records_per_page}");	

			if($stmt->rowCount() > 0)
		//$stmt = $stmt->fetchall(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

			<div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6"> 
          <div class="card mb-4"> 
 <img class="card-img-top" src="admin/postimages/<?php echo htmlentities($row['PostImage']);?>" alt="<?php echo htmlentities($row['posttitle']);?>">
            <div class="card-body">
              <h5 class="card-title"><?php echo htmlentities($row['posttitle']);?></h5>
                 <p><b>Category : </b> <a href="category.php?catid=<?php echo htmlentities($row['cid'])?>"><?php echo htmlentities($row['category']);?></a> </p>
              <a href="news-details.php?nid=<?php echo htmlentities($row['pid'])?>" class="btn btn-primary">Read More &rarr;</a>
            <div class="card-footer text-muted">
              Posted on <?php echo htmlentities($row['postingdate']);?>
<?php } }?>

          <!-- Pagination -->

    <ul class="pagination justify-content-center mb-4">
        <li class="page-item"><a href="?pageno=1"  class="page-link">First</a></li>
        <li class="<?php if($pageno <= 1){ echo 'disabled'; } ?> page-item">
            <a href="<?php if($pageno <= 1){ echo '#'; } else { echo "?pageno=".($pageno - 1); } ?>" class="page-link">Prev</a>
        <li class="<?php if($pageno >= $total_pages){ echo 'disabled'; } ?> page-item">
            <a href="<?php if($pageno >= $total_pages){ echo '#'; } else { echo "?pageno=".($pageno + 1); } ?> " class="page-link">Next</a>
        <li class="page-item"><a href="?pageno=<?php echo $total_pages; ?>" class="page-link">Last</a></li>


        <!-- Sidebar Widgets Column -->
      <?php include('includes/sidebar.php');?>
      <!-- /.row -->


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