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I currently use Xampp, phpMyAdmin and phpStorm. The second one can be replaced for heidiSQL or even dataGrip from jetBrains[dot]com.

1) I imagine that I can get some kind of hosting and develop on there or move my code from the Xampp set up to there. The thinking would be to import larger amounts of videos and pic galleries to there - already construct what I would need to construct and get it to work there. My thinking is that I could have an actual domain name and it would be kind of easier to work like that. Install like centOS, Apache, MariaDB (I have Linux admin experience), add this domain to that, and start going from there (like do the /admin, add pic import, video import). This could be kind of better than what I would have at home. Or not really? Stick to the home PC and work on Xampp. Would people do it this way (like experienced, already writing such scripts). I have feeling that this xampp path is not the best path for this.

2) Another angle - maybe get another pc, get a static IP from the ISP, get a router and set up something like this at home. Like turn the PC on, when needed, I would have the LAMP there installed, and work like that. This could be domain based as well. It would just feel more natural and better than this Xampp...

I mean, should I switch to one of these or just stick to Xampp? Or maybe something else


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