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PHP lookahead planner

Postby bluphoto » Thu May 22, 2014 11:08 am

Hi there.
I want to set up an embedded planner / calendar on a page on my personal website showing several months neatly listed side by side with a small "cell" for each day showing a simple am/pm appointment.

I'm not looking for complexity or flexibility. simplicity is key.

So far I've done it in excel using google sheets, but it's not ideal as, it looks a little untidy, not easy to scroll around etc and isn't easy for me to update.
See [url][/url]for this example.

would be fantastic if it could somehow sync to outlook office365, but I can't see that happening very easily...

Also it MUST be have a multi-month view at least a 3 or 6 month lookahead) showing one line of text for each of at least two appointments per day, am & pm.

Does anyone know if there might be a PHP calendar like this, perhaps with a passworded "edit" function?

Site is already PHP derived but has no database behind it. Could it simply be a table with the data held in a simple text file? Perhaps a "view" page publicly accessible, and an editing page, not publicly accessible.

many thanks

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