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When would you use load() instead of header() ?

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When would you use load() instead of header() ?

Postby iamandywarren » Fri May 02, 2014 4:56 am

I've been amending a script and I came across load('pagename.php') but I've not come across this nor can I find a reference to it.

Why would you use this instead of header('pagename.php').

Many thanks

To put it into context:
# On success set session data and display logged in page.
if ( $success )
# Access session.
$_SESSION[ 'user_id' ] = $data[ 'user_id' ] ;
$_SESSION[ 'first_name' ] = $data[ 'first_name' ] ;
$_SESSION[ 'last_name' ] = $data[ 'last_name' ] ;
load ( 'home.php' ) ;
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