White Screen of Death across entire server

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White Screen of Death across entire server

Postby jaxrox12 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:47 am

I'll be upfront and say I'm a php novice. I have a general understanding of code, including php, but I'm no professional coder.

With that said, here's an issue I'm encountering:

I have shared hosting with HostMonster, and have 6 different CMS installs. The main install is Drupal 5, now outdated. I have one Drupal 6, one Drupal 7 and the rest are Wordpress.

All working 100% fine, when out of the blue I navigated to one of my pages and it had a WSOD. I tried a different site and it also had a WSOD.

I've had WSOD in the past - both on my local server, and on the shared server - generally, however, it is contained to the site/install that has the issue, and often contained within a certain part of the site that's causing error. Generally, error logs are available and I can troubleshoot with relative ease.

So herein lies my issue. I've been in touch with HostMonster support number of times. Their tech couldn't tell me anything other than it's 'odd' and something he 'hadn't seen before' and couldn't help me with. He initially suggested a PHP compatibility error with one CMS, yet when he rolled back the PHP version for me (even to 5.2), it changed nothing. They also keep backups of my site, and I requested everything be rolled back by a month (when I know it was working) and that fixed nothing. I attempted to disable the oldest Drupal install (which I know has compatibility issues), and even deleted its SQL database, and that fixed nothing. I have attempted to turn error reporting on in every way I know how, and every way that many Google searches told me to, (including in each seperate CMS, as well as the php.ini), but I am yet to see an error display on the screen. In the server's error log, it shows an 'Undefined Offset' error, but I know that's not causing the WSOD because the error has been there for months, certainly whilst the site(s) have been working.

Normally a WSOD error appears as a result of me uploading or changing something, and at the very least I can rectify it by undoing what I've done. This time, however, I hadn't touched anything on the server in a while - I hadn't even updated content via the admin pages of the CMS' and yet out of the blue the WSOD happened.

Can anyone provide any pointers, or ideas as to why my error reporting won't show at all, and also what sort of errors might result in a server-wide (even across different CMSs) WSOD?

Thanks! :help:

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