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PHP send mail

Postby arcstudios » Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:41 pm

Hello everyone, I just joined these forums!

I am a flash developer and am developing a flash application for a client and they asked if I could take an image of the application and email it with PHP to the users email.

I'm not having trouble with the programming side of things but rather I'm wondering if I'm traveling down the wrong alleys.
I have phpDesigner 8 trial and I found out that if I want to simulate this correctly and send a test email to my own email that I have to setup a virtual server or at least thats the route I've taken thus far. I believe that is also working correctly. I used XAMPP ? I'm simulating firefox and internet explorer, but the email is still not sending. I am not getting any compiling errors. I looked deeper and found out that it might be that the email is seen as spam.

So now I'm attempting to understand why? So far I've found that I should setup a SMTP to reroute it, but in the following tutorial it doesnt seem like they rely on that but rather just making it more secure? ... ctionality

and setup PEAR. But I'm still not sure what PEAR is and I'm reading up on that in the meantime.

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