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Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:59 am

Hi all,

I have a problem. At first ... I read a values into a form, method post, like this ...

Code: Select all

$row = mysql_query("SELECT MID(nazov,1,1) AS nazov FROM book GROUP BY MID(nazov,1,1)");

while ( $db = mysql_fetch_assoc($row) ) 
print "<form id=myForm method=post action=blablabla>";
print "<input type=text name=id value=".$db['nazov'].">";
print "</form>";
print "<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"myForm.submit()\" >".$db['nazov']."</a>";
but when I try to read a $_POST['id'] value on page blablabla .... it loads me always the first value of table .... and i dont know why ..... can you help me?

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Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:37 am

make sure you have the right query....make sure the query is picking the data that you want and then debug to see why $_POST is behaving in an odd manner.

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