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My Page Not Refreshed

Postby ArcSlayer » Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:37 pm

dont know if my problem are php related or not, but here my case.

i have made an application using php and MS SQL Server. but i have problem with the report page.
sometimes the page did not show the real data (the newest data). even after being refreshed or reopen, it still show the old one.
when i try to query the database directly, the data is there.
and what more confusing after few minute, when i try to refresh the page, it generate the newest data.

first i thought that the browser cache the page. i have try kill the cache, but thats not solve the problem.
i host on my own server (not server PC actualy, just standard PC Quadcore | 2Gb Ram) but i dont thing its a hardware problem.

so is there something wrong with my php script, my php server (setting,...), or .....


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