I'm torn between PHP and JSP for my XML/MySQL driven site!!!

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Wed Jun 18, 2003 3:16 am

Hi there everybody,

I started doing a site at work in JSP and MySQL; I had done a bit of Java programming before so this seemed like the best option. Because of other things at work, work on the site was put on hold. In that time I made a site in my own time using PHP and MySQL. I was amazingly impressed with not only the speed in which it took me to make my site but the performace of PHP itself. Also, I very much like PHP's built-in MySQL connectivity. In JSP you have to find your own driver and many of the free ones don't claim to be stable.

I am now back in the throws of carrying on the JSP site at work and now am thinking I should port the work I have done over to PHP and finish the site with this cool serverside language. What are the speed differences here? At first I would have thought that JSP was faster because the server is interpreting is bytecode as opposed to text but is this not the case with PHP? Is PHP 'preprocessed' in the sense that it is compiled to binary on the server? If this is the case then PHP must be faster!!! :)

As one final point, my site reads in XML on many of the pages, in JSP I have had to write my own JavaBean to do this, what is PHP's XML support like, speed wise?

Thanks :)

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Thu Jun 19, 2003 6:59 am

all what i can say about it: - http://www.php.net/xml
and http://www.php-tools.de
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Wed Jun 25, 2003 9:26 am

Based on what you've said, I think switching to PHP sounds reasonable. I was once in a very similar situation, and porting my in-progress JSP site to PHP was easier than writing it in JSP had been in the first place.
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