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	<head><title>File Input Output</title></head>
		if (!isset($_POST['submit'])){
		$files = file("file.txt");
<form action="file_array.php" method="post">
	<select name="name[]">
			foreach ($files as $file ){
				$file = explode(",", $file);
				list($name, $address, $age) = $file;
		 <option value="<?php echo $name; ?>"><?php echo $name; ?></option>
		 <option value="<?php echo $address; ?>"><?php echo $address; ?></option>
		<input type="submit" name="submit" value="send" />
		} else {
		echo $a[0];
The code works fine but I want to have another <option value="<?php echo $address; ?>"><?php echo $address; ?></option>. The problem is if I add this code it will only add to the <option value="<?php echo $name; ?>"><?php echo $name; ?></option>. I need to separate them. Any idea is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:50 am


do u mean to display the two dropdowns.One for name and another for address..

Tom Cornar
Trinay Technology Solutions

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