php & mysql integrated with other dbms, like oracle

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Oleg Butuzov
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Thu Jun 20, 2002 5:00 am


Of caurse you can do what you want. for exemple you can find some string from mysql data and compare with some Oracle data...

But PHP can work with other data bases full list of them is here


Thu Jun 20, 2002 4:37 pm

Any combination of mySQL and Oracle would simply be "watering down" your Oracle. Oracle is the best, mySQL is popular because it's free. PHP supports both so it would be trivial to code an application which used them both but why would you want to? If you have access to Oracle that's what you'd use, the only reason to include mySQL is to have it "supported" by the software in the absence of Oracle.


Thu Aug 01, 2002 4:19 pm

If your company is already using Oracle, just stick to that and code your pages appropriately.

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