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New php-forum User
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Thu Jan 09, 2003 12:08 pm


I've found a lot of small tutorials for begginers, but I'm searching a good and big PHP tutorial (from the start point to a medium level). Do you know any?



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Joan Garnet
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Thu Jan 09, 2003 1:53 pm

if you know the basics
print on the screen, define variables, create arrays and so on, then I recommend using the function reference.
Is so useful!!!
Just go to your favorite search engine and type for example:
php image functions
and you'll get a list of links where all the image related functios are, with detailed explanations about the use, possible bugs, php version, etc...
php array functions
php mysql functions

IF you need a little bit more , then go to this URL -->
useful links -->
begginer tutorial -->

I've learnt all I know looking at different codes I downloaded from all those fantastic free resources websites / portals and trying to undestand how they work.

Of course you can't miss the forums.
The best thing on the net :D

P.D Hey, I just realised that you are from my city


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